Oral Medicine

The mouth is a unique environment that is anatomically and physiologically quite complex. The oral environment and surrounds contain a variety of tissues ranging from the teeth, to salivary glands and oral mucosa. It is not surprising, therefore, that a wide range of pathological conditions are found in the mouth and jaws. Many of the conditions of the oral cavity and jaws are specific to those locations and are not found elsewhere in the body. On the other hand, the mouth may be one of the first places that systemic pathology presents.

The majority of oral conditions are benign and are straightforward to manage. A biopsy is often needed in mucosal lesions to accurately determine the type of condition, and this is normally performed under local anaesthesia. For jaw lesions it may be necessary to arrange x-rays or CT scans to image the area adequately, before deciding on management.

Dr Deane and Dr Kim will discuss with you the best way of treating your individual case, and will outline the type of procedures required, including the risks, costs and expected post-operative recovery.